The School of Life Tel-Aviv

In the last couple of months we had lots of work here at @degoltz, helping the new local franchisee of The School of Life. Our work was to localize the technological infrastructure of TSOL TLV.


TSOL mobile website by degoltz

We focused on the following key elements:

  1. Ticketing System – Choosing a local / international provider.
  2. Mobile Website – Developing a mobile site providing all common functionality.
  3. RTL Alignment – As we’re Writing in hebrew, all existing products must be aligned form right to left.
  4. Content Localization – Translating and uploading local content.

Ticketing System

TSOL partners all over the world are using different ticketing systems. It was our responsibility to provide our client, TSOL TLV, with latest information regarding selected ticketing systems, Some internationals like Eventbrite and Xing and some locals like Ticks and TixWise.

We took the time to learn about the local event pricing and expected schedule, and built a yearly fee calculator to help the client choose the best provider for his needs.

Eventually the decision was to work with Ticks – an Israeli company, as they offered local high quality service at about half the price of some other providers.

Working with Ticks was very convenient for us as they do offer developers support.



TSOL TLV mobile event page

Mobile Website

77% of Israelis are using their mobile phone to surf the web. The franchisor of TSOL had no plans at the current moment to adapt his website to our local mobile need so we decided to develop our very own mobile version of TSOL website – accessible for TLV clients via mobile only.

The local mobile site was designed by our house designer, Michael Farber. Michael received the TSOLs visual guidelines and designed a mobile responsive website that kept both guidelines and our need to simplicity.

The website was developed using Angular.js in the client side and used a simple ASP.NET Web API to intercat with the pre exsisting wesite. The client also uses Ticks’s Koala API to fetch events details directly to the client.


RTL Alignment

We had the responsibility of making the existing TSOL website align perfectly from right to left (instead of the english left to right). We had aligned every part of the website and provided our client with a minified CSS file to implement in the existing website.



TSOL TLV events mobile page

Content Localization

TSOL TLV has received technical information in English regarding the existing infrastructure. We translated the content for TSOL TLV staff and guided them into making everything work together. We also had full responsibility of all content in both desktop and mobile websites.

The website is accessible via mobile only, just a click away. Keep in mind that if you are using a desktop or laptop computer, you will be redirected to the regular TSOL website.



Do you have an obsolete website and would like to make it mobile friendly? Contact us!

Latest Work

Here are two of our new projects, all in corporation with the great designer Michael Farber:

Mapcha – Go Chase’em!

Mapcha website

Mapcha website by degoltz

Mapcha is a social navigation game app, that allows you to create both challenging and exciting treassure-hunt styled games called “Chases”. We are responsible for this amazing website (designed by Michael). The website has a unique map controller which allows you to create your very own Chases within minutes. Check it Out and Create a Chase!


Michael Farber – UI / Web Designer

Michael Farbers website

Michael Farbers website by degoltz

This SPA website is a the dream of any designer. It is a perfect business card, designed by him – built by us! This website is made of a large amount of hand crafted icons and UI effects. Take a look at the Timeline or the Michaels works as examples.


Some Of Our Latest Projects

We’ve been working hard on a few projects and it’s time to share some of them with you. Here are 2 of our latest projects, both are mobile friendly websites:

Geekim – The First Social Hackathon

Geekim website by degoltz

Geekim website by degoltz

With 35,000 NIS in prizes, Geekim is the first social hackaton to take place in Israel. It’s website was built with Angulr.js on top of ASP.NET MVC 4 and Web API. the event itself was 24 hours of programming for a good cause – a mobile application to help blind people cross the street, another to display all the voice alerts around you as push notifications and many more. Fell free to read more about Geekim in this Ynet article.


Fullr – Smart Drivers Pay Less

Fullr site by degoltz

Fullr site by degoltz

Fullr is a small startup creating an innovative service that helps you pay less for gas by making the right choices about your driving. A beautiful website built with ASP.NET MVC 5 hosted on the Azure Cloud. Logo by Nitzan Tal.